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A big shout out to everyone who reached out and made a purchase today – together we raised $200! I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to put your names out there:

Keith W – 1 Poster
Harlod C – 1 Poster
Elise G – 1 Poster
Jennifer W – 1 Poster
Barbara S – 3 Posters

I will be posting our milestones nightly, to keep us all in the loop. Also, a big thanks to our local weekly The Source for donating a 1/4 page ad in this weeks edition to promote the sale of this poster. And to all my Facebook friends and Twitter tweeps for all the love: @GiantLoopMoto :: @CourtneyO :: @ThumpCoffee :: @SweetPeaCole :: @Kamini_Bijou :: @WonderWorman

If you’ve already made a donation – great! If you are thinking about it, and maybe would like to get a cool poster for your efforts, here you go.

Here’s a link to the poster:

Thanks for helping! :^)