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Been getting several questions from my peeps (on Verizon) about the iPhone 4. Here are two articles that sum it up nicely:  One from and another from

Before I had an iPhone, my carrier was Verizon – actually the only reason I switched our main numbers to AT&T is the iPhone, lol. Verizon was/is a great carrier here in Central Oregon, switching was purely a hardware decision simply because every computer in the studio and at the house was/is an Apple.

Now that the iPhone 4 is available on Verizon, the decision to switch back is an easy one – I won’t do it. Simply because of the ability to send/recieve data and talk at the same time on AT&Ts GSM network – basically use the full potential of the iPhone – plus the hassle of switching phones again is not appealing. Although spotty in some areas, AT&T is not a bad network.

The truth is we still have a Verizon account with a cheap flip phone on their least expensive plan, which we take on occasion when camping, hiking, riding.