Carrrrrlos is me - Carlos A Perez. This is another spot in the intertubes to find some of my illustrations, iPhoneography, and posters. Enjoy.


Day of the Dead, Cyclocross, Festivals, Skulls, and a Logo

October is quite possibly one of the best months in Bend! The weather is cooler, the trails are less packed, and fresh hops are flowing at the breweries – not to mention pumpkin brews towards the end of the month – that’s a nice Halloween treat. This year, we have something new in Bend – […]

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Ride Safe Posters and Coasters

If you happen to be cruising around Bend and stop in to Brother Jon’s Public House for a beer or massive sandwich – you’ll notice the Ride Safe Posters and now the coasters too. If you own a local place where peeps eat, drink, or chill and either walk, ride, or drive to get there […]

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Safe Bike Riding Campaign in Bend

Just got the Official News Release: The Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization in collaboration with the city of Bend Transportation Division, Bend Police Department and Commute Options for Central Oregon is proud to be part of an education campaign directed towards safe bike riding in Bend this summer. The campaign developed by design firm Perez Design, […]

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Ride Safe Poster – Commissioned by the Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Posters were designed to bring rider awareness to the citizens of Bend, Oregon, addressing three key issues related to bike safety: Wrong Way Riding, Drunk Riding, and Rider visibility – See and be Seen. These posters are part of a campaign including other elements that will be displayed at various retail establishments in Bend, Oregon […]

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