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iPhone Apps

All the images for this show were taken with an iPhone and “processed” on the iPhone, no trips to a film lab or launching any professional digital photo editing software from my desktop.

My Top Six iPhone Camera Apps

Best Camera – Ubermind, Inc.
$2.99 › I use this for most of my images. Sweeeeet!

TiltShift Generator – Fake Miniature – Art & Mobile
$.99 › This one creates awesome miniature effects.

Perfect Photo Perfect Photo – MacPhun LLC
$.99 › This one is good to use with other apps for some fine tuning.

Camera+ Camera+ – tap tap tap
$.99 › Some good filter presets, saturation, cropping, borders, and more.

CrossProcess Cross Process – Banana Camera Co.
$.99 › Limited to a handful of filters, but fun to mess around with.

InstagramInstagram – Burbn, Inc.
Free › Great starter app – Seamless integration with social sites (twitter, foursquare, facebook, etc.).