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The Japanese people need help. This Limited Edition Print is yours when you make a $25 donation.

[box style=”rounded” color=”blue” border=”full”]I will be producing two hundred 17″ x 22″  signed & numbered Limited Edition Archival prints to help raise funds for the relief effort underway. All proceeds will go directly to the Global Giving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.[/box]On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated Northeastern Japan. Visit the Google Crisis Response page for the latest developments and other ways you can help.

When I woke up Friday morning to the news – I was frozen. Never before had I seen such destruction on such a massive scale.
Your donation of $25 will be forwarded on to the people that need it immediately. I will be printing, signing, gently rolling, packing, and mailing these posters myself – and shipping them starting March 21,2011.

Thanks for helping!
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